Multi Cam Kick Analysis

When players are learning the basics of passing and striking a ball it is important that each strike is broken down to teach good habits for both technique and injury prevention.

Impact Soccer use the Global Performance Testing Multi Cam Kick Analysis to slow each players movement down to below 1/8th speed and pause at critical moments such the planting the standing foot, point of impact and follow through.

The four cameras collect information simultaneously to compare the left, right and behind the player plus the camera behind the goal identifies accuracy, spin and loft.

Three key strikes are made with this learning:

  • Push pass - accurate, control and power on the floor
  • Loft pass - accurate, control, loft, backspin
  • Driving pass - accurate, control, power, limited or no spin
As part of the Multi Cam Kick Analysis pack, each player receives the assessment using four high speed cameras, full editing and a personal memory stick with their own three kicks on left and right foot for playback and assessment.

RRP $35.00 - Impact Soccer Clinic $20.00